Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Textile Inspirations

As I'm still waiting to rinse my latest dyeing experiments to show you I thought I would share with you some of the work that is happening in my weekly Tuesday class, Textile Inspirations. This class has taken place on term time Tuesdays for about eight years. I have an exciting group of students who are working on their own designs based on this year's theme of the natural world.

Jill's printed cloth
Jill is working with her own drawings that she has had made into Thermofax screens.
A Thermofax screen (as seen here) is made from a plastic coated mesh which is fed through a Thermofax machine at the same time as a laser printed photocopy of an image. The plastic coating is burned off the mesh where the image touches it so that when medium such as dye or screen ink is forced through the mesh a printed image is achieved. It is an ideal method for producing fine detail. For more information about this technique see Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan's book Thermofax Printing

Ineke is working on samples for a  four seasons set of large wallhangings for her new barn. Winter and spring are almost complete and summer is well under way.

Ineke's latest project.

Ruth has collected a large range of blue and cream shirting fabrics over the last few months which she has now put together in this simple but lively quilt top. She has printed, using a Thermofax screen, a collection of words over the pieced surface that describe the various features of a shirt such as pocket, collar, cuff etc. I expect the quilting will be well under way by next week's class!

Ruth's patchwork quilt

Judith's latest landscape
Judith is putting the finishing touches to another gorgeous landscape wallhanging based on one of her paintings of the north west coast of Scotland.

As you can see, they are a very talented bunch! I will show more of the group's work in future blogs as I'm sure you would like to see their progress.