Friday, 11 February 2011


I have completed a sample for my Sand, Sea and Stitch workshop. The last time I showed it you I had completed the machine quilting. I added a little hand quilting to highlight some areas and then faced it as I felt it didn't need the hard edge of a binding.

Sand, Sea and Stitch - Salcombe

The lichen piece is developing slowly. I printed a section across the centre with my silk screen sprayed with webbing spray. There was not enough of the spray on the screen to give a good texture but I have experimented further with it and I am now achieving better results. I also used one of my Thermofax screens to add a contrasting mark to the background. My intention is to cover most of this area with the cut out lichen pieces but I wanted this printed detail to add another layer.

detail of printed area
auditioning lichen shapes

The lichen is now bonded in place and I have started quilting the background so I will show you the progress I have made soon.


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  1. I like the texture you've gotten by applying raw edged strips and adding some hand stitches. I like the lichen fabric too. Sounds like a tongue twister - like lichen