Monday, 14 February 2011

Second time around!

Why is it when we are doing something that we know isn't going to be successful do we keep on going?When I was stitching the binding on to my first Cut and Come Again quilt a few months ago I knew that it was quite tight but I kept on going. It looked great draped over the sofa but when I saw it hanging it looked like a sack of potatoes so this weekend I spent several hours taking off the binding, pieced extra pieces into it and then stitched it back on again! Well, it was a wet Sunday, I couldn't get into the garden to tidy up or go for a walk so at least I now have a presentable quilt.

Cut and Come Again - Winter

I have now finished all of the blocks for the next quilt in this series (it is proving to be a popular workshop this year). I wanted to show how exciting it could look in bright colours and I have plans to construct the quilt in a different way. Here you can see the blocks ready for stitching together.

Cut and Come Again - Summer, work in progress

This is an addictive technique and is a great way of using a fabric stash although, as with most scrappy quilts, a certain amount of planning is required!