Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I'm back!

I have had a very frustrating few weeks due to intermittent internet access following a bout of vacuum cleaning! I accidently caught the phone connection with the nozzle of the vacuum and it fell apart. After several attempts at attaching a new conection to the phone wire we succeeded in getting the phone working again only to discover that the socket in the router had broken! We ordered a new router from BT which was supposed to arrive within a few days. When it didn't arrive we tried to check its progress only to discover that our order had been mysteriously cancelled. Another two days passed before it arrived, this was one week after ordering it! Of course, as we all know, computer technology moves on very quickly so the router didn't want to speak to the computer. We have now had a very nice man come to sort out the wiring and we now have a fast broadband connection again.

My apologies to everyone who has had to wait for a response to an email and thank you for your patience.


  1. I always new housework was not a good idea!

  2. I was hoping you hadn't gone for good!

  3. You know what I keep saying about housework, it's not good for you