Friday, 25 February 2011

Strippy Quilt

My summer Cut and Come Again quilt has turned into a strippy quilt!

finished top

 I wanted to show how versatile this technique can be by assembling the blocks in different ways. When I first had the idea of making this a strippy quilt I thought that a bright pink fabric would work well as the two plainer strips but it deadened the blocks. I wanted to keep a bright summery feel to the quilt so I tried this acidic green which I really love.
I have an idea for quilting these plain strips based on the few sunflower blocks scattered through the quilt. I aim to use a combination of both machine and hand quilting so I think my next task is to sample my idea and see if it works.

Thank you for all for the positive comments about my blog. I'm really enjoying sharing my work in progress with you.

Have a good weekend!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

February Journal Quilt complete!

I seem to be juggling several projects at present so it was good to have finished one today. My February journal quilt for the Contemporary Quilt Group is finished.
February JQ 

It was ready for quilting several weeks ago so to help me decide how to quilt it I drew a few thumbnail sketches and as you can see I decided to keep it simple. I liked the effect of the straight stitches around the moon of my Sand Sea and Stitch piece so used the same idea here, and the same thread (one of my hand dyed indigo threads).

As I had set myself the challenge of using a striped fabric in each journal quilt this year, I experimented with a page in my sketchbook and wrote the word 'stripes' repeatedly using a variety of neutral coloured pens. I rather liked the effect of this page of vertical writing so I had a Thermofax screen made from it and used it to discharge a small piece of black fabric using Formusol discharge paste. I decided to use narrow strips of this as a binding with Bondaweb ironed on to the reverse then folded in half and ironed into place.

left - page from sketchbook, right - discharged fabric

I am also including an image of the reverse of the quilt as I used a gorgeous piece of indigo dyed fabric! and it shows the effect of the simple quilting pattern.

reverse of quilt

Monday, 14 February 2011

Second time around!

Why is it when we are doing something that we know isn't going to be successful do we keep on going?When I was stitching the binding on to my first Cut and Come Again quilt a few months ago I knew that it was quite tight but I kept on going. It looked great draped over the sofa but when I saw it hanging it looked like a sack of potatoes so this weekend I spent several hours taking off the binding, pieced extra pieces into it and then stitched it back on again! Well, it was a wet Sunday, I couldn't get into the garden to tidy up or go for a walk so at least I now have a presentable quilt.

Cut and Come Again - Winter

I have now finished all of the blocks for the next quilt in this series (it is proving to be a popular workshop this year). I wanted to show how exciting it could look in bright colours and I have plans to construct the quilt in a different way. Here you can see the blocks ready for stitching together.

Cut and Come Again - Summer, work in progress

This is an addictive technique and is a great way of using a fabric stash although, as with most scrappy quilts, a certain amount of planning is required!

Friday, 11 February 2011


I have completed a sample for my Sand, Sea and Stitch workshop. The last time I showed it you I had completed the machine quilting. I added a little hand quilting to highlight some areas and then faced it as I felt it didn't need the hard edge of a binding.

Sand, Sea and Stitch - Salcombe

The lichen piece is developing slowly. I printed a section across the centre with my silk screen sprayed with webbing spray. There was not enough of the spray on the screen to give a good texture but I have experimented further with it and I am now achieving better results. I also used one of my Thermofax screens to add a contrasting mark to the background. My intention is to cover most of this area with the cut out lichen pieces but I wanted this printed detail to add another layer.

detail of printed area
auditioning lichen shapes

The lichen is now bonded in place and I have started quilting the background so I will show you the progress I have made soon.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I'm back!

I have had a very frustrating few weeks due to intermittent internet access following a bout of vacuum cleaning! I accidently caught the phone connection with the nozzle of the vacuum and it fell apart. After several attempts at attaching a new conection to the phone wire we succeeded in getting the phone working again only to discover that the socket in the router had broken! We ordered a new router from BT which was supposed to arrive within a few days. When it didn't arrive we tried to check its progress only to discover that our order had been mysteriously cancelled. Another two days passed before it arrived, this was one week after ordering it! Of course, as we all know, computer technology moves on very quickly so the router didn't want to speak to the computer. We have now had a very nice man come to sort out the wiring and we now have a fast broadband connection again.

My apologies to everyone who has had to wait for a response to an email and thank you for your patience.