Monday, 10 January 2011

A month or so ago I emailed members of the Contemporary Quilt Specialist Group of the Quilters' Guild to see if there would be any interest in setting up a local group here in the Midlands. Following a good response, our first meeting took place today at Bromsgrove Rugby Club. Twenty two quilters arrived from all over the Midlands, keen to meet up with like minded people and we had a fascinating morning where every one shared their ideas and latest work. Ineke and I demonstrated screen printing and soy wax techniques after lunch and then there was time for everyone to have a go. As you can see, Ineke's Thermofax screens were very popular as was my wax pot with the various tools such as a potato masher, metal scrapers and tjantings for creating instant patterns on cloth. The beauty of soy wax is that it solidifies quickly and once the fabric is dyed and batched, the wax is easily removed with hot water. It doesn't clog the sink or washing machine and the fabric is left soft without any traces of waxy residue.
Once the wax was dry we coloured the fabrics with thickened Procion dye and I encouraged everyone to apply the dye with their fingers, rubbing it in to the cloth to blend the colours.
Our next meeting will be on 7th March and the theme for the day will be 'something familiar'. So whether it is an ongoing project, which is already familiar or starting a new one inspired by something familiar to us, it promises to be an interesting day.
If you live in the Midlands and are interested in joining us please contact me for more details.


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  1. Ahhhh grown up finger painting. Looked like a good day.