Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Journal Quilt Project 2011

I have signed up for this year's Contemporary Quilt group journal project. This is a big commitment for me as I failed to keep up after agreeing to do it two years ago, although I completed them all but not on a monthly basis. Last year I didn't commit but still attempted to do them, I have six completed! I am determined this year to meet the deadlines.

So I have started with good intentions. First of all, I needed a theme. I have given this some thought over the last couple of weeks and decided on 'light'. Light is so important to us all, whether it is sunlight, moonlight, lamplight, firelight, shadows, reflections etc. I think I have enough ideas to pursue and produce a dozen pieces of work.
As the indigo and potassium permanganate fabrics were still strewn around my workroom I decided to use them for my first composition. The rules for the project are that each quilt must be a 10 inch square, which is a good size to work to and the first four quilts for the year have to include a circle. My Shibori dyed moon was ideal. I have also given myself one other rule and that is to include a striped fabric. I love stripes and the piece I have included here started as a black and white striped fabric, before it was dunked in the indigo bath. The potassium permanganate dyed fabric in the foreground was discharged with thickened lemon juice which was applied as a monoprint. I really like the effect of the printed surface. I now need to give the quilting design some thought.

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